Lidi Smart Solutions

Lidi Smart Solutions was founded to promote the latest trends in the digital era, offering web-education for adults and youth in a number of fields. Among our core activities were developing and implementing online education platforms and e-learning tools. From there, we grew to tackle the leading-edge technologies, striving to demystify them and increase their accessibility to various social and professional groups. Hence empowering larger communities with the opportunity to take on the demanding challenges of the 21st century. Our recent ventures include exploring the various uses for disruptive blockchain and AI technologies as well as a content synthesis for MOOCs, contributing to EU-funded projects.

Entrepreneurship has been particularly in the scope of our interests and has resulted in a number of training materials. Our focus is on teaching and helping beginning and current entrepreneurs possess relevant and up-to-date knowledge and advanced entrepreneur’s bundle of skills. Among our goals is to broaden the understanding of ready-to-use drag-and-drop platforms and tools as well as the other digital instruments that exist. Integrating some of them into the work environment would equip the entrepreneurs to be competitive members of the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Comprehending the foundations of numerous of the newest technologies would help them see new business perspectives or boost their existing businesses.

The company is based in The Netherlands.